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Agatha was found by Michel Quiniou, who was inspired to create a brand of fashion jewelry that bridged the gap between luxury boutiques and nondescript, lackluster chain stores. In 1974, he launched his lone of fashion jewelry with an unusual goal in mind: to transform cheap into chic. And it was success all round customers pounced on the witty, edgy collections that associated fresh, innovative designs with couture style. Agatha grew rapidly and designed jewelry that was bold and beautiful. Beads, enamel and gold were trend-setters, like the chains with big curb links one of Agatha’ best-sellers and enchanted its fans with new designs and launched the fabulous idea of using charms to create unique pieces of jewelry. In 1988, the famous little Scottle dog was unveiled in Agatha’s blue boutiques, frolicking through all the Agatha collections and setting on as the brand’s mascot, which turns twenty this year, Agatha appeals to everyone, whatever their age. In February 2010 the brand launched a collection for tiny tots and little girls : Little Agatha in line with it rule “for everybody, without exception, from 7 to 77”. Also in the pipeline is Agatha’s move into watch-making, with a complete collection of watches, and many other projects.

Behind story of Scottie emblem - In 1988, the creator of Agatha was taking a walk in dazzling Paris with his adorable little Scottish terrier named Leon. As they Strolled through the Jardin des Tuilleries little Scottie playfully rolled in the mud and got all dirty! Once they got home he coddled himself on the bed and left a Scottie formed shape. It was so funny that he decided the Scottie dog shape would be the emblematic signature of Agatha. The success is immediate and the Scottie remains today Agatha’s devoted and much loved emblem.


  • 1974
    Agatha is found by Michel Quiniou
  • 1988
    Agatha created Scottie as the brand’s mascot
  • 1998
    Launched in Korea
  • 2006
    The year of best performance Agatha sold the business to the brand’s Asian partner, the King Power group
  • 2012
    opened 333 stores in countries
  • 2013
    Starlxe as a new distributor of AGATHA in Korea



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