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PANDORA started out making jewelry by hand in a 30 square meter space on the outskirts of Copenhagen, but today PANDORA jewelry in sold in 30 countries, And at the heart of the company’ s success is a high quality charm bracelet and a unique vision. Over the past two decades PANDORA has built a massive jewelry empire. From the United States to Germany to Australia, around 63 million pieces of PANDORA jewelry are sold each year. Every second, every day around the year a PANDORA jewelry is being purchased somewhere in the world.

The jewelry had a unique, bohemian style. It was free spirited and it reflected Per Enevoldsen’s goal of offering women hand finished, high quality, and modern jewelry at reasonable prices. Per Enevoldsen was on to something, and the company has staying faithful to his vision ever since. Demand grew quickly for the company’s unique, handmade creations. PANDORA has certain collections like Moments, Stories, Compose, Liquid silver and Lovepods. They’re all made of 14k, 18k gold and sterling silver set with genuine stones so customers can mix and match each line together.

PANDORA designers Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth En Larsen wanted to help women stand out from the crowd. At the time, steel bracelets with interchangeable links were all the rage, and the designers could see the potential. Says Lone Frandse, “They went with everything; we had this versatility in mind when we created our charm bracelet.”
The PANDORA jewelry collection is sold through local distributors, to some 10,000 retailers worldwide, including over 320 PANDORA concept stores. Now you finally can find PANDORA stores in Korea.


To history of PANDORA is a reminder that the best fairy tales come from Denmark, but the man behind the story is not H.C. Anderson but goldsmith and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Mr. Per Enevoldsen. Back in 1982, Mr. Per Enevoldson and his wife Winnie established their first jewelry store in modest surroundings in Copenhagen, Denmark; this would later become PANDORA.
The couple often travelled to Thailand in search jewelry for importing, and as demand for their findings increased, the company focus shifted to the wholesale business. In 1987, after several highly successful years as wholesales, the company discontinued its retail activities. And after a few more years as wholesalers, Winnie and Per were inspired to open their own factory in Thailand. Meanwhile, the first in-house designer joined the company and PANDORA began to focus on creating its own unique jewelry. In 1989, the company decided to start manufacturing its jewelry in Thailand.

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