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Science-based Swiss cosmetics skincare brands
Cellcosmet uses highly revitalizing and moisturizing stabilized cellular extracts to provide excellent anti-aging effects based on the principle that “a stressed or tired cell will be revitalised when coming into contact with a young cell.” Entirely conceived, manufactured and packaged in Switzerland, Cellcosmet fits into the legacy of the great cosmetics whose regular use visibly improves the skin and effectively delays the visible signs of ageing.

The Science of Cosmetics
The Science of Cosmetics, the very soul and hallmark of Cellcosmet, finds its origins in the extraordinary alliance of the realms of science and beauty. Cellcosmet is the result of more than thirty years of research and development and form three categories, cyto, phyto and cyto+phyto, a combination offering revitalization and well-being. Each provides exceedingly targeted results, thereby addressing every skin concern to perfection.

About Cellap Laboratoire
Cellap Laboratoire is the Swiss expert in phyto-cellular cosmetics and recognised worldwide for its exceptionally effective skincare. Based in Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, it is the parent company and birthplace of the Cellcosmet brands. Cosmetic science, uniting the worlds of beauty and science, is its trademark and raison d’etre, one nurtured for over 30 years by the company’s researchers and scientists. The fine-cosmetics laboratory is an expert in cellular technology and invented the brands’ unique method, a technique that preserves the extraordinary revitalising and moisturising powers of stabilised cellular extracts. This expertise dovetails with the laboratory’s in-depth knowledge of botanical and marine ingredients, which are masterfully combined with its cellular method. This know-how is applied to developing skincare formulas for women and men, scientifically tailored to a skin’s identity and specific needs: Cellcosmet for women, includinge the CellEctive line for skin with more pronounced needs, and Cellmen for men. Regular use of Cellcosmet and Cellmen face and body skincare noticeably improves skin’s appearance and effectively slows the visible effects of ageing.

Cellcosmet Line up

Cellcosmet is scientifically produced according to gender, skin type and orientation, and specific needs. The product line up is divided into three categories.
Cellcosmet for women
Cellmen for men
Cellective for exclusive

Global brand loved in 25 countries around the world
Cellcosmet is recognized as the premium science-based cellular skincare around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, China and Switzerland.


  • 1955
    Dr Alfred Pfister developed a conservation method called
  • 1978
    Roland C. Pfister created a cellular beauty treatment at his clinic.
  • 1982
    Foundation of the family company, Cellap Laboratoire S.A.
  • 1984
    Formulation of the first active cellular skincare product
  • 1987
    Launch of Cellcosmet™ and Cellmen™ cellular cosmetics
  • 2011
    Launch of the exclusive CellEctive™ range with CellLift Serum
  • 2017
    30th anniversary of the Cellcosmet™ and Cellmen™ brand
  • 2020
    Open The Shilla Seoul Boutique
  • 2020
    Open The Shilla Duty Free Store in Seoul


- cellcosmet and cellmen

cellcosmet and cellmen

STORE (All 1 Stores)

  • Cell Cosmet Spa Boutique 02-552-0112 2F. 551, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



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